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Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s Tall Ship Island Adventure Sea Camps are unique and exciting summer camp options offered on our twin 110′ brigantines Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson based in San Pedro and on our 130′ schooner American Pride in Long Beach.

DAY CAMP – EXPLORER CAMP: Designed to encourage growing minds to appreciate and explore nature. After a week of fun at the dock in Rainbow Harbor, explorers sail away for an optional overnight sleepover at sea.

5-DAY – ADVENTURER CAMP | 12-DAY – VOYAGER CAMP: Building on our award-winning TopSail Youth Program, campers challenge themselves with exciting new opportunities while living aboard a tall ship through these two sleepaway camp options. New friends, star-gazing, and unforgettable island adventures await!

Spend the summer on the beautiful Southern California coast in a way that most people never experience. These are some of the most memorable summer camp experiences in Southern California!

Whether dockside, at sea or on an island, campers explore topics in marine biology, maritime history, island ecology and have fun with traditional maritime arts… and no sailing experience is necessary to join us. We will provide that and more!

Learn the ropes of sailing a large vessel as you challenge yourself with exciting new opportunities: leaving the dock, setting and adjusting sails, keeping a ship on course, setting the anchor, and – for sleepaway camp or day camp’s optional overnight – sleeping aboard a tall ship. Make new friends, enjoy outdoor activities and nature, listen to the sound of the sea, and gaze at the stars at night.

Summer Camp Adventurer Sleepaway Camp
Adventurer Camp
Summer Camp Explorer Day Camp
Explorer Day Camp


Ages 7-9

Explorer Day Camp Summer Camp


Ages 10-17

5-day Adventurer Camp Island Adventure Summer Camp


Ages 12-17

12-day Voyager Camp Island Adventure Summer Camp


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    Land, Sea, Sky Explorers – From the smallest microorganism to the continents and the clouds in the sky, everything is connected on this beautiful blue marble. Campers will discover the link between the spheres, as well as the link between themselves and their crewmates by interacting with the land, sea and sky while visiting beaches and aquariums, and taking a sail or two in the harbor.
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    Art Explorers – Campers learn sea shanties and dances, create art and make music. They will be encouraged to let the ocean inspire them as they create poems and artwork to bring home and cherish forever.
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    Coastal Explorers – Campers explore the water from the coast, looking at tidal zones and the organisms in them. Water tests and citizen science projects will help connect everyone to the sea and see the impact that water has always had and will continue to have on communities.



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    Each camper has their own bunk.
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    Activities take place on the boat, on the island, and everywhere in between.
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    The tall ships depart from Long Beach or San Pedro, and they visit one or more island harbors off the coast, depending on weather and sea conditions.


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    American Pride – Long Beach
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    Irving Johnson or Exy Johnson – San Pedro

Interested in our summer camp options for 2024?

Click here to sign up for our Summer Camp Interest List, and we’ll email you once the 2024 Summer Camp information and sign-ups go live!

Parents – please supervise your child’s packing, all too often we have campers who have forgotten items that are necessary for their comfort and enjoyment.

Things to bring in a soft duffel-type bag (for a printable PDF click here):

  • Sleeping bag/pillow/blanket
  • Jacket (warm)
  • Long pants and shorts
  • Long and short sleeve shirts
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Sleepwear
  • Rubber-soled shoes extra pair, close-toed recommended
  • Water shoes/strap on sandals
  • Swimsuit/towel/soap
  • Hat with brim and chin tie or “keeper”
  • Sunglasses (with strap such as Croakie or Keeper)
  • Sunscreen
  • Personal toiletries
  • Reading material
  • Digital camera
  • Snorkel/Fins/Mask/Spring Suit if you wish to bring your own
  • Flashlight or Headlamp, with a red light for night anchor watch
  • Day pack with a reusable water bottle
  • Fishing pole and tackle (depending on anchorage)
  • Fishing pole and tackle (depending on anchorage)
  • Anti-sea sickness medicine (Ginger candies, Bonine or Non-drowsy Dramamine, start the night before), and/or wrist sea bands
  • Prescription medications (if any)
  • Quarters for showers onshore (not all anchorages have shower facilities)
  • Flip-flops for shower

You may NOT bring:

Gum, electronics (except cameras), anything in glass, excessive jewelry or other valuables, or knives/weapons.

Please note! Hard luggage is unmanageable aboard a tall ship, you must bring gear aboard in a soft Duffel or similar bag.

Final Packing Notes:

We do not provide bedding, you must bring your own.

Remember to clearly label your personal items!