Check out a wonderful new video about LAMI that was created earlier this year as part of Lee Williams’ Faces & Places series for LA Move, in collaboration with Koven Video Productions. You can watch it below!

On top of his role at LA Move Real Estate, Lee Williams is also a Commissioner on the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, the governing board for the Port of Los Angeles. He shared some poignant remarks at a recent Harbor Commission Meeting when discussing the Port’s Community Investment Grants for LAMI and EXP:

“My first opportunity on a boat was with an organization very similar to LAMI. That day changed my life… it absolutely did. I was an inner-city kid who had never been on a boat. We caught a barracuda, we caught a dog shark, we took them back, and we dissected them. I became instantly interested in school and a straight A student after that, because of that one-day exposure.”

You can give that same gift of opportunity to a young person in our community when you make a donation to LAMI. By doing so, you’re giving them an opportunity to try something new… to face their fears… to develop valuable skills… and to reach for the future – as a scientist, a leader, and maybe even a future Harbor Commissioner!