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Young people who come aboard the Children’s Maritime Institute’s (CMI) majestic three-masted schooner American Pride, make discoveries about themselves and the world around them as they set sail into the bay. CMI’s programs expose young people of Long Beach to a unique, inspiring, and challenging exploration in active learning, designed to foster STEM comprehension, self-empowerment, curiosity, environmental awareness, and teamwork.

CMI provides diverse programs to Long Beach area residents and visitors of all ages. Programs can vary from once-a-month dockside activities, 3-hour discovery sails, multi-day/night immersive voyages, or semester-long comprehensive courses. All programs are aboard the 130-ft. wooden tall ship, departing from her Long Beach home port of Rainbow Harbor.

Through hands-on activities such as steering and navigation, securing lines, sharing maritime history and stories, viewing and dissecting sea creatures, creating craft projects, and testing water quality, students are awakened to their potential and their intrinsic connection with others and nature.

CMI has long-standing programs with Long-Beach and surrounding area 4th through 12th-grade classes, each designed specifically for student age group and educational priorities. Program rates scale from no cost to reduced for schools and youth groups serving young people from underserved communities or facing challenging circumstances. Numerous studies have shown how outdoor experiential education deepens academic and emotional understanding, an opportunity not afforded to many students.

Through adventure, CMI’s Programs provide students a chance to more deeply understand and believe in themselves and to care for the world and the community around them.


We had an amazing time aboard the American Pride and look forward to sailing again soon. Thank you for your commitment to our oceans, the environment, children, and education! We greatly appreciate all you do!”

~ Elementary School Teacher


“My son did a 5-day Tall Ship camp last year. It was the best experience of his life. I really hope that everyone can have the chance to experience these tall ships. What a window into our past!”

~ Parent


“During my volunteer work to help the Institute with their planning process, I was very impressed with the staff experience of tall ships, the passion for ocean sailing and the dedication to helping youths develop skill and gaining confidence. Their operational success is a reflection of a great team working so well together to fulfill the Institute’s noble goal. So glad they are there to help shape an aspiring future generation.”

~ Volunteer