Tall Ships Irving and Exy Johnson

 Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) is a nonprofit organization that uses hands-on experiences at sea to provide an array of social, education and leadership development opportunities to at-risk middle school and high school students throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. LAMI’s award-winning TopSail Youth Program is offered aboard the twin brigantines,Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson, 110-foot traditionally rigged wooden vessels named after experiential learning pioneers who sailed around the world seven times with young crews.  The purpose-built vessels and their crews were proclaimed the Official Tall Ships and Maritime Ambassadors of the City of Los Angeles at their launch in 2002.

LAMI plans to use the Don Perkins Grant toward a PR initiative to increase community awareness about the benefits of adventure education at sea, produce a short promotional video, create a media kit, and design a more effective social media engagement strategy.

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For more than 20 years, non-profit organizations in Southern California have received grants to help defray costs related to their public relations activities, thanks to a Community Service Fund created by an endowment from the late Don Perkins, a long-time Los Angeles public relations practitioner and journalist.

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