Best of LA Weekly 2015

(excerpt from article by Araceli Martinez Ortega)

Excited and anxious, seventy fifth graders Rowan Elementary School in East Los Angeles boarded two identical tall ships in the Port of Los Angeles this week. Little did they know that after the five-hour trip surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, they would return with more confidence.

“These are low-income children, aged 10 to 11, who come to learn new experiences and we hope to come back with more interest to overcome,” said Maria Elena Hernandez, coordinator of the Rowan school.

Laksmi Aguilar, one of the students, said he could not imagine what it was like on the boat.

“I liked it all, especially when we pull the ropes to hoist the sails. I want to study art and I like to take pictures of these ships,” said the child.

At the end of the sail, the students went home all excited about the day spent at sea, but hopefully with a new worldview, one that has no limits, as there are none in the ocean.

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