Jacob returns to serve at the helm of Building GYou may have noticed a familiar face around LAMI… Jacob Strong has returned to the team, this time at the helm of Building G as our Maintenance Manager! In his new role, he oversees boat repairs and our maintenance crew, which puts his background as a deckhand and captain with us to good use. “I enjoy learning new things and teaching them to others,” he said.“ Working on boats allows me to think critically and work with my hands while teaching others.”

Jacob began sailing at the University of Southern California, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. Sailing quickly became a passion for him, and he joined LAMI in 2016 to continue sailing while teaching youth. Originally from Minnesota, he also enjoys camping, fishing, BBQing, and relaxing with his dog.

Jacob also shared that “sailing around the Northern Channel Islands on the 12-day Voyager summer camps are the best memories I have at LAMI, because it gave us the opportunity to really create a camaraderie among everyone on board. We weren’t just helping the kids develop team-building skills… we became a crew.” He also said he’s very excited about the future, as he repairs boats and has many more opportunities to teach others while doing so.