Dear LAMI Team Member,
Just wanted to get a quick note to you to talk about how we are dealing with the current health emergency. At this time we are aware of no team members that are ill, and we are hoping to keep it that way. I know many of us would love to be at LAMI working on the myriad of projects that we would like to get completed. However, for our liveaboard crew the vessels are their home and we need to protect them by giving them their space.
To do our best to ensure that LAMI can survive this catastrophic financial disaster, we have been forced to take some very unpleasant actions. We are hopeful that our various governments pass legislation that will allow us to reverse these actions quickly. In the meantime our “safer at home” crew are maintaining the seaworthiness of our vessels and making “study at home” videos to assist parents and educators.
We all know that we will come out of this crisis, please stay healthy and practice safe 1-fathom social distancing.
PS. Please join our Facebook pages to keep our social connections with you going.
Fremont Elementary School Student Sail March 13th, 2020
We had to cancel our March 13th morning relaunch celebration with the community of Long Beach to respect the orders of the City. The school was also soon to be shut down and the educators and students were so excited that their last day of school was at sea, learning at sea, on American Pride..