Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s 2020-2021 Captain’s Log

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Dear Friends of Los Angeles Maritime Institute,

I hope you and your loved ones are well and able to take a breath as the year comes to a close. As I take a pause myself and reflect on LAMI’s year, I am moved by a return to a robust new normal and filled with appreciation for your help in getting us here.

LAMI faced the formidable headwinds of COVID-19 in 2021 and remained mission-relevant, thanks to your steadfast support and motivation from witnessing the critical need for inspirational education during these difficult times.

Despite challenges, LAMI excelled in 2021 at delivering impactful educational experiences to young people. However, unlike any other year, LAMI primarily provided these lessons online to children while they attended school remotely.

Although virtual, the instruction remained anchored in our unique active-learning TopSail educational philosophy and proved to be resoundingly engaging and inspiring. The positive impact of our teaching was likely more significant, given the isolation and educational void experienced by these children during the pandemic. Astoundingly, LAMI’s impact approximated that of a typical in-person year, delivering an impressive 13,806 educational experiences to 4,655 youth during LAMI’s 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Alongside delivering engaging education to thousands of children, LAMI used 2021 to ensure our sailing vessels were readied for at-sea education and adventure. Exy Johnson and Irving Johnson were repowered with new, lower-emission engines, and American Pride celebrated its 80th birthday with an extensive restoration haul-out. With in-person restrictions eased in the Spring, LAMI has returned to at-sea programming with summer camp voyages and TopSail school field trips this Fall.

While our virtual education was desperately needed and greatly appreciated, nothing compares to the transformational impact of at-sea experiential education. 2022 marks LAMI’s 30th anniversary of delivering life-affirming education to young people, and we are thrilled to be casting off dock-lines with children aboard once again. However, significant resources are required to provide this exceptional education. Please consider stretching your support for immersive and impactful educational adventures for all young people with an end-of-the-year donation to LAMI.

Together we can renew a child’s excitement for learning through extraordinary experiences aboard a tall ship! Thank you.


Fair Winds,

Bruce Heyman

Executive Director